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Library Literacy Sets

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Phonics Basics

26 letters amaze and astound! They make 44 sounds when they move around!

Chart of the 44 sounds on one page with pictures from uldforparents.com. (pdf)(one page w/o pictures: teacherstakeout.)

Vowel patterns with pictures on one page from thisreadingmama.

Vowel sound chart with pictures from tweetresources.

Short and Long Vowel Chart from First Grade Wow

ABCs to Color on one page from colorthealphabet, Letters to Color from sheknows

Alphabet poster from mrprintables

Photo Flashcards from prekinders.com (color)

Resources at fcrr.org

ESL Phonics Flashcards has lots of patterns.


Animal Alphabet

Alphabet chart from alphabetimals (they have a neat free app too)

Animal alphabet on one page and flashcards (7 pages, 4/page) from kindergartenmom (flashcards can be used for a syllable sort)

More animal flashcards: Animal alphabet flashcards from lookwerelearning.com, Animal Flashcards from Mr Printables (12), & Animal Flashcards from SuperSimple (38-super cute, lots of color)

BOOK: "An Animal Alphabet" by Elisha Cooper, "ABC Animal Riddles" by Joyce

WATCH: Animal Alphabet by HaveFunTeaching (alliteration) & Animal Alphabet...maybe this one. Animal Sounds Game at Literactive. Animal games Sheppard Software.


Phonological & Phonemic Awareness

The ability to hear & manipulate sounds in words & syllables is called Phonological Awareness. At the phoneme (individual sounds) level this is Phonemic Awareness.

Developmental Sequence from Make, Take & Teach

Chart from the Daily PlanIt

Cards with Elkonin boxes from Kimberly's Kindergarten

Rhyming Quilts from lakeshorelearning.com

Syllable Sort from Peterson's Pad

Identify initial sounds: cut out the pictures from Dig up the Letters from themeasuredmom and match to a simple one page alphabet from making words from Teacher Bits and Bobs. Beginning letter sound pictures can also be used to spell out CVC words in code for a fun activity. (see Short Vowels below)

PLAY Online games: at Readingresource.netWords that Rhyme at Roy the Zebra

READ book "The Alphabet From A to Y" by Steve Martin for Alliteration - words that start with the same letter


Word Families

Word families are words that have the same endings, and therefore rhyme.

WATCH word families by Little Fox

Word Family Sliders from Make, Take & Teach

Word Family Bookmarks from 3dinosaurs

Word Family Picture sorts from flyingintolearning.com-these fit in 10 page/20 card business card wallet insert

Word Family Cards from margedteachingposters 22 cards, 6 pages, some color

Word Family Lists from k12reader

Word Family Ladders from confessionsofahomeschooler, 22 pages, both long & short, some color

Get a clue with word family pictures from the measured mom A E I O U

PLAY Online Game Word Family Sort from readwritethink



WATCH Vowels & Consonants from Nessy, What do the letters say? (3:34) All letters from LogicofEnglish

-See also alphabet charts & flashcards above under Phonics Basics

Alphabet Worksheet letter tracing (1 page) or from mpmschoolsupplies.com ( 2 pages)

B & D reversals from myteachingstation.com, Online Fishing Bowl Game from literactive

-Floss Rule for double consonants - see below, Part Two

Letters can make a voiced or unvoiced sound 

PLAY Printables: Alphabet Chutes and Ladders: lowercase & uppercase from Super Simple, Animal Alphabet from filefolderfun.com, Mailbox ABC from Totschooling (6 pages, color, letterdice app to spin letters), Fishing for Letters from Kindergarten Crayons (7 pages, color), Sammy the Starfish from Fuelthebrain.

PRACTICE with Online Flash Alphabet from earlylearningactivities.

PLAY Online Games: Alphabet antics at learnenglishkids. The quiet machine at pbskids.org. initial sounds at funfonix, double consonants at roythezebra. Alphabet Glog from Literacy and Laughter (use Puffin browser) 


Short Vowels (CVC words)

Words that have a Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC words) often have the short vowel sound.

See Also word families above. Note that A can make a short O sound sometimes. (ball, watch, quality)

WATCH Long & Short Vowels (1:55)

CVC word cards from bogglesworld (3 pages, some color)

CVC word pictures from CVC Word Pockets

Word Cards from homeeducationresources.com - 40 small cards on 2 pages with CVC words & pictures, sort by vowel sound (no longer free)

CVC Flashcards from flashcardfox - 75 cards with color pictures & words

Short Vowel Words & Pictures from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Short & Long Pictures & Words (pdf)

Short I & E picture sort from tchrgrl

CVC Word Machine from homemade-preschool.com

READ short vowel sentences from stickyball.net


PLAY 123 Flip It game from thisreadingmama. No longer free- short vowel Change game from Adrian Bruce

PLAY Online Games: Jungle Jumble from pbskids.org & CVC words at funfonix.com, CVC words at ictgames.com & put it on the shelf at kidzpage.com. Word ladders - word building with Word Castle from Literactive.



Practice blending letter sounds into words with Word Slider Cards from deceptivelyeducational. (put these in an envelope w/end cut off or a pencil box & slide out one sound at a time) These mostly have the short vowel sound. (more from themeasuredmom)


Two (or more) consonants may blend together with each sound heard in the blend.

WATCH Blends (3:20) 2 Letters that work together (3:32) Kids vs Phonics Blends (6:17) Complabteacher: Short A, Short E, Short I, Short O, Short U

Blends picture sorts from fairypoppins for playdoughtoplato.com-these fit in 5 pocket photo wallet insert. (more Blends picture sorts from flyingintolearning.com, color picture cards from testyyettrying)

Sort onto a B&W blends chart from thisreadingmama (or color blends chart from maketaketeach)

Blends flip books with pictures and words from phonics-teaching.com

Blend activities at kizclub.com

READ Blend sentences at stickyball.net

PLAY Printable Letter Blends puzzle from Learning 4 Kids (11 pages, some color), Go Fish blends game from Adrian Bruce

PLAY Online game Fuzz Bugs Farm from abcya, blending bearending blends from kizphonics, Warehouse game, Bowling game & Sorting Office from literactive. Final Blends Honey Maze from literactive. L Blends & s Blends at yourchildlearns. Blends at galacticphonics, Blends at education.com. Blends at softschools.com


Short vs Long

Short or Long Picture Sorts from firstgradealacarte for all the vowels

After Learning Silent e & Vowel Teams: Word & picture cards for all vowels

PLAY ONLINE Vowel Sort & Short Vowel Sort games at education.com. Coconut Vowels at abcya, color short & long vowels at turtlediary.com (free on pc only), short or not at learninggamesforkids.com, picture match from readwritethink, long vowels at yourchildlearns

Long Vowels (Silent e)

Note that Defender D can stop silent e from making the vowel long.

WATCH Magic e (2:13) Silent e (2:44)

Silent E contrast w/CVC from teacherstakeout

Silent E pictures from 1st grade and fabulous

Sort Mat - Silent E Handout from mes-english.com

Long Vowel Words & Pictures from 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Short A/Long A, I, and O from thisreadingmama (color)

READ Long A sentences (plus all long vowels) from stickyball.net


PLAY online games Silent E game at starfall.com, at education.com, and from softschools.com, magic e adventure


Vowel Town

Vowel Town arranges many of the vowels in a way that makes them easier to remember, and according to the position of the mouth to make the sound. Diphthongs & R controlled vowels are included, but not vowel teams or the consonant digraphs (H brothers).

WATCH Explainer Video (1:54) LiteracyKC Julia demonstrates (2:15)

Vowel Town printable


Vowel Teams

Vowel Teams (with the exception of diphthongs, which usually make new sounds) are often long, making the sound of the 1st vowel & the 2nd vowel is silent. This guideline is sometimes not reliable, however. There can be many exceptions. EA often makes the long E sound, but sometimes a short E sound (eat, bread). IE often makes the long I sound, but sometimes a long E sound (pie, thief).

WATCH Patterns (4:13) OA from Kizphonics (1:22) + exceptions: AU/AW (3:53)

Long Vowel Pattern Chart from All About Learning Press (1 page, color)

SORT Vowel Team Anchor Charts from Classroom Confetti. Cut columns apart, cut off headings & fold between pictures & words. Glue & cut apart. OR Long Vowel Match-up from 123homeschool4me. More: Long A Vowel Team Pictures from Crazy SchoolTeacher, Long Vowel Match-up from Liz's Early Learning Spot (pictures & words), AI/AY picture sort & OA/OW picture sort from 1st Grade & Fabulous (B&W), AI/AY words & pictures, OA/OW color pictures from the measured mom

PLAY Printable Change game from Adrian Bruce

PLAY Online Games: Diphthongs at softschools.com and the Coconut Vowels game at arcademics. BBC games (in Explorer) and Forest Phonics from ictgames.


Complabteacher: Long A, Long E, Long I, Long O, Long U


Vowel Teams that (usually) make new sounds (diphthongs) AU/AW, OO/OO, OU/OW, OI/OY

Note that AU/AW is a diphthong that makes a Short O sound, and that OW can also make a Long O sound in some words (cow, blow).

WATCH OU/OW (3:51) OI/OY Turtle Diary (4:06 ) OI/OY Kizphonics (  OO OO/OO Kizphonics (2:32) & Practice (2:04)

SORT OI/OY picture sort at classroomfreebies,  OI/OY & OU/OW picture sort from flyingintolearning (color). WORD SORTS: OO/OO word sort and worksheets from themeasuredmom, OU/OW word sort at TpT, AU/AW word sort from School is a Happy Place

PLAY Printable Game: Gurgling Gargoyle (OI/OY) from Adrian Bruce, OU/OW Game

PLAY Online Games: special vowels and dipthongs at kizphonics. Some diphthong games.


Bossy R ER, IR, UR, AR, OR

When the letter R follows a vowel, it controls the sound.

Note that Silent e wins sometimes: words with -are can say long a Examples: care, share, flare & -ire can say long i Examples: fire, tire, wire

But notice that OR wins: adore, bore, shore, snore & UR wins: nature, picture, treasure. Note that an e before ar can have many different sounds: long e (hear), "er"(learn), "air" (pear), & "ar" (heart)

WATCH Bossy R (1:50)

Sort Mat: Bossy R Handout from mes-english.com

R Controlled word sort from schoolisahappyplace

Bossy R Posters from themoffattgirls.com

Bossy R picture cards from eslphonicsworld.com (4/page)

Bossy R picture cards from bogglesworld.com (4/page)

Bossy R activities from carlscorner

Thisreadingmama activities

READ Bossy R sentences from stickyball.net, r-controlled vowels Fluency Passages from razzledazzleclassroom


PLAY Printable Go Fish game from themeasuredmom (6 pages, 9 per page, color)

PLAY Online Games: R controlled words at Starfall, R control race at Mr Nussbaum, and Game from PBS 


H Brothers (digraphs) CH, SH, TH, WH + NG

Note that PH & GH sometimes make the F sound, and an I before GH makes a long I sound like in light. (see more variations)

WATCH Digraph Song (1:43) CH/SH (6:04) +ng (start @1:28) NG videos at Learning Phonics

Digraph Picture Sort from Thisreadingmama, Digraph Activity from themeasuredmom
Word Sort (30 cards)
Write the Pattern
READ the Pattern - Digraph Sentences from stickyball.net
PLAY Match Sets Game with word cards
PLAY Online Games: Beginning ending digraphs sadlier-oxford. Digraphs at softschools.com.  Forest Phonics also has some digraphs. Mr Nussbaum Two Letters has both digraphs & blends.


Consonants w/more than one sound

WATCH 2 sounds of C & G ( 1:18) & S (1:05)

Hard/Soft C & G sort from whathappensinfirst

Hard/Soft C Pictures

PLAY Online Games: Hard C and Soft C sort from bbc.co.uk (here’s a no flash version), Soft Hard C at playkidsgames.com


Vowel Teams w/more than one sound EA, IE, OW

Irregular Vowel Teams Chart from boostforreaders.com

ow vs ow sort from smittenwithfirst


Tricky Y

WATCH Y as a Vowel (1:09), Sounds of Y from Kizphonics (1:46), Kids vs Phonics Y (1:49),  PBS

Tricky Y Sort

READ Tricky Y Story



Open & closed syllables

Note that Silent e, bossy r, and vowel teams can trump what might appear to be a closed syllable.

WATCH Open/closed (1:38) Open/closed (6:29)

Open/Closed Syllable Sort: Simple version. Advanced with multi-syllable words: after syllable division is learned.

PLAY Online Games: word jumbler game at bbc.co.uk. syllable games at learninggamesforkids.com. syllable factory game at skillswise



WATCH Syllables (5:07) Fun! from Scratch Garden

7 Syllable Types from Project Read

Consonant -le



Schwa is a light "uh" sound that can be made by any vowel. It is the most common sound in the English language.

WATCH Schwa (2:12)

Sheriff Schwa Worksheet from teachchildrenesl.com

PLAY Online Game: Treasure Behind the Mask at Sadlier-Oxford


Sight Words

Sight words are frequently found in written text, and many are not decodable with phonics guidelines

WATCH 100 Sight Words (12:09)

Fry Sight Word lists from Utah Education Network (create printable lists with printfriendly.com) or Fry Lists from k12reader

Dolch Sight Word lists & punch cards from First Grade Parade

Dolch Sight Word lists, Sight Word Searches and Dolch Talking Charts (flash) from k5stars

Illustrated Sight Word cards from Research Parent

READ Phrases with Fry Instant Words from www.uen.org, Fry Fluency Sentences from Curriculum Corner, Sight Word Sentences (Dolch) from Listen Write & Read (pdf)

PLAY Printable: Gone Fishing editable Sight Words from thisreadingmama, Roll a Sight Word Sentence from the dailyplanit, Sight Word Scrabble from craftnectar, Sight Word board game from brainpowerboy.com (color), Battle for Sight Words from 123homeschool4me

PLAY Online Games at Education.com, Dolchword.net. Practice with audio: Sight Words Audible at mrnussbaum


Modified Resources from Others


Literacy Resources from the Daily PlanIt: printable word cards, sort mats, and Fry sight words list

All the online games at https://dailyplanit.com/2016/05/09/fun-online-phonics-games-to-practice-reading-skills/



Beginning sound pictures/alphabet

Find the Rhyme from jumpstart.com

Animal flashcards/syllable sort

Short or long picture sort

CVC word & picture cards/vowel sort

Word families: show picture & ending, "Make words that end in..." Pocket with picture cards "Get a Clue" Pocket with word list "Did you think of these?"

Boggle Template at TpT


How to Scale pdfs







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