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Phonics Books

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"An Animal Alphabet" by Elisha Cooper

"Eating the Alphabet" by Lois Ehlert

ABC Animal Riddles” by Susan Joyce

Animal Alphabet-slide & seek” by Alex Lluch


Alliteration – words that start with the same letter

"Some Smug Slug" by Pamela Duncan Edwards

"The Alphabet From A to Y" by Steve Martin


Rhyming – words with the same ending

Shel Silverstein


Short Vowels

A "Gran on a Fan" by Kevin Bolger

E *“Ted in a Red Bed” (Usborne Phonics Readers) UPR

I *“Big Pig on a Dig” UPR

O “Frog on a log” by Kes Gray, "Stop, Drop & Flop in the Slop" &

U "The Bug in the Jug Wants a Hug" by Brian Cleary

"My Truck is Stuck" by Kevin Lewis


Silent e

"Nice Mice in the Rice" by Brian P Cleary

"Here Comes Silent e!" by Anna Hays

"Sheep in a Jeep" by Nancy E Shaw


Bossy R

"Bert's Super Circus" by Lisa Charlesworth (Scholastic Phonics Tales)

Shark in the Park" by Nick Sharat

"There's a bear on my chair" by Ross Collins 


Vowel Teams

AI "The Frail Snail on the Trail" by Brian Cleary, "Up in the air at the fair" Splat the cat

EA "The Peaches on the Beaches" by Brian Cleary, "I Scream For Ice Cream" Splat the cat

OA "Toad on the Road" by Stephen Shaskan, *“Goat in a Boat” by Leslie Sims UPR


Brian Cleary:

"Whose Shoes Would You Choose?"

"The Thing on the Wing Can Sing"

"Spring in the Kingdom of Ying"



*"Goose on the Loose" by Phil Roxbee-Cox UPR 

"Whose Shoes Would You Choose?" by Brian Cleary

"Toy Boat" by Randal DeSeve

"The Mouse in my House" by Paul Orshoski

"The Clown in the Gown Drives the Car with the Star" by Brian Cleary


Tricky Y

"Hi! Fly Guy" by Tedd Arnold


  • SET: Now I'm Reading by Nora Gaydos


*Usborne Phonics Readers

  • Fat Cat on a Mat by Phil Roxbee-Cox

  • Ted in a Red Bed by Phil Roxbee-Cox

  • Hen's Pens by Phil Roxbee-Cox 

  • Big Pig on a Dig by Phil Roxbee-Cox

  • Frog on a Log by Phil Roxbee-Cox

  • Bug in a Rug by Russell Punter

  • Sam Sheep Can't Sleep by Phil Roxbee-Cox 

  • Shark in the Park by Phil Roxbee-Cox

  • Snail Brings the Mail by Russell Punter

  • Goat in a Boat by Leslie Sims

  • Toad makes a Road by Phil Roxbee-Cox 

  • Mouse Moves House by Phil Roxbee-Cox

  • Cow Takes a Bow by Russell Punter

  • Crow in the Snow by Leslie Sims

  • The Goose on the Loose by Phil Roxbee-Cox 

  • Racoon on the Moon by Russell Punter


Mid-Continent Library List

Practice reading phonics patterns with:



online reading www.symbaloo.com/mix/readonline7

Practice reading sight words with:



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