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Literacy Resources from Others

Page history last edited by dailyplanit 2 years, 4 months ago

These have been modified for easier printing.

Phonics Flashcards with words and pictures from Lanternfish (aka bogglesworldesl.com: CVC words, Silent e, Bossy R, DigraphsDiphthongsVowel Teams

Word Family Cards from margedteachingposters 22 cards, 6 pages, some color

Chart of the 44 sounds on one page with pictures from uldforparents.com

Blends cards from Adrian Bruce: Blends flip books with pictures and words from phonics-teaching.com

ABC Coloring


Phonics & Sight Word Sequence Chart adapted from First Grade Garden


Websites with many links to phonics resources

softschools.com - games & worksheets

kizclub.com - printables

http://learningphonics.blogspot.com - curates resources from others, mostly videos


Reading practice: check back on ziggity zoom. not working 4/18

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