Development Center

Physical Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management, Physical Signals

Emotional Skills Aware, Idenitify, Understand, Manage, Express

Communication Skills Verbal, Speaking, Listening, Non-verbal, Written

Relationships Know yourself, Develop self-esteem, Emotional Intelligence, Love, Communicate, Resolve Conflicts, Find a compatible partner

Social Skills Small Talk, Introductions, Table Etiquette, Tips, Setting limits

Mental  Learning, Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Time Management, Financial Management, Information Management

Spiritual Awareness, Beliefs, Values, Purpose, Higher Power

Character Responsibility, Self-esteem, Initiative, Creativity

Work Skills Self assessment, Customer Service, Meetings, Teamwork, Business Etiquette, Telephone Tips

Computer Skills General, Windows, Word Processing, Email, Internet

Career Skills Explore Careers, Resumes, Cover letters, Interviews


  1. Assess all skills: 1-you know the skill to 5-you need to improve
  2. Enter results in SCORECARD
  3. Make a detailed Personal Development Plan 
  4. Choose the skill that would provide the most benefit if improved
  5. Choose the best way to increase the skill level. Explore links to books, activities, tools and online resources in the pages of the Development Center or below, or take a class or workshop.
  6. Assemble needed resources
  7. Monitor and reward progress
  8. Evaluate learning
  9. Transfer learning
  10. Update SCORECARD
  11. Choose the next skill to improve


Sites with lots of information on a variety of workskills:

Develop Skills: | Goodwill Community Foundation 

See also: A Year of Personal Development | Talents