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Repeating Tasks

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Printable Repeating Tasks Worksheet (pdf) at Sellfy

Printable Home Duties (pdf) .at Sellfy



Job Skills

Job Skills





Make bed


Clean floors/Vacuum

Load & Run dishwasher

Unload dishwasher

Cook dinner


Put out the trash

Wash laundry

Fold/put away laundry

Wash the car


Clean toilet/sink/tub

Clean refrigerator

Clean microwave/oven/stovetop/coffeepot


Clean carpet

Wash windows

Wash curtains/blinds

Clean under furniture

Clean mirrors/pictures

Clean light fixtures/ceiling fans

Prepare for holidays



Feed/water pets



Water plants

Pay Bills

Balance checkbook

Go to the bank

Plan menus

Shop for Groceries

Fill car with gas

Mow the lawn

see also: Cleaning Checklists, the Home Helpers section of Free Tools at the Daily PlanIt


Automate: Repeating Tasks at the Daily PlanIt

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