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Rewards see also Things that should be rewarded

Select the item on the list that you consider the most rewarding and assign it 5 reward points. Select the least agreeable reward and assign it 1 reward point. Using this scale assign points to all rewards. When selecting rewards for accomplishing tasks or goals, the size of the reward should be comparable to the size of the task or goal. Provide mini-rewards for small steps forward, a big reward for accomplishment of a big goal.


Reward Ideas



* Visiting a bookstore

* Going to the park

* Visiting an art gallery or museum

* Going for a drive

* Going to a concert

* Going to see a movie

* Renting a video

* Purchasing a new book, tape or CD

* A new gadget

* Attending a class

* A bouquet of flowers

* A candy bar

* Going out to eat fast food

* Going out to eat at a fancy place

* A hot bath or shower

* Going shopping

* Ice cream

* A massage

* A nap

* Games

* Sports activities

* Outdoor activities

* Crafts/hobbies

* Visiting friends or relatives

see more ideas at Recreational Activities


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