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Set up a file system

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Set up a File System

Goal: I will get organized by setting up files for paperwork and filing incoming papers every day.


Action Steps

1. Go to the office supply store after work tomorrow.

2. Find the section with filing supplies.

3. Decide what kind of system I want.

4. Buy supplies.

5. Decide where I want to set up files.

6. Take supplies to the area I chose.

7. Set up file cabinet.

8. Fill cabinet with file folders.

9. Decide on headings and color codings to use.

10. Make label for each file. (Oops! out of label tape-go back to the store.)

11. Put files in proper order.

12. Put papers in the proper folders.

13. Locate paper retention guidelines.

14. Purge un-needed papers.

15. Shred purged papers that include personal information.

16. Maintain system by filing incoming papers daily.

17. Review and purge files in February each year.

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