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Skills Assessment

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Assess your present level: 1-you know the skill to 5-you need to improve


I know what customers want

I know and practice customer service performance standards

I handle customer complaints well

I am excellent at listening actively

Customer Service Total=


I know how to plan for meetings

I know how to contribute to meetings

Meetings Total=


I work well with others

I focus on results

I know the goal of the team

I know my role and what I contribute

I am responsible and dependable

I have excellent communication skills

Teamwork Total=


I know how to introduce people

I know how to shake hands

I have good telephone skills

Business etiquette Total=


I know the correct way to answer the telephone

I know how to take a good message

I know how to put someone on hold

Telephone Total=


I understand the value of hard work

I am committed to always doing my best

I display initiative by noticing work that needs done and doing it

I gain satisfaction from a job well done

Work ethic Total=


I have a vision

I communicate my vision so others see it and want to join in making it happen

I know how to motivate others to develop their potential

I know how to delegate effectively

I am good at problem solving and conflict resolution

Leadership Total=



I love to learn new things

I am curious

I am always learning

I know my learning style

I know how to create a learning environment with color & music

Learning Total=


I define problems

I identify options for solutions

I choose and implement a plan

I review and evaluate success

Problem solving Total=


I know how to generate goal ideas

I know how to evaluate goals

I make goals specific and measurable

I make plans with action steps

I keep goals visual

I monitor progress

Goal setting total=


I have a system to manage tasks and projects

I eliminate time wasters

I know my peak time and use it well

I set priorities

I manage paper well

I manage email well

My desk and workspace is organized

Time management total=


I know how to locate information

I know how to evaluate information

I know how to organize information

Information Management Total=



I know how to use the Windows operating system

I know how to use a wordprocessor

I know how to use the Internet

I know how to email



I choose words well to verbally communicate my thoughts

I know how to make an effective presentation

I know how to listen well

I know how to understand nonverbal language

I know how to write well

I know how to choose the best communication method

I know how to ask effective questions



I am responsible

I have strong self-esteem

I demonstrate initiative

I practice creativity



I am spiritually aware

I understand my beliefs

I understand my values

I understand my purpose



I know how to make introductions

I know how to make small talk

I know table etiquette

I know how to tip

I know how to set limits



I understand myself

My self-esteem is strong

I have a high EQ

My communication skills are strong

I know how to resolve conflicts



I understand my emotions

I can identify emotions

I can manage emotions

I can express emotions appropriately



I exercise regularly

I eat sensibly

I drink 8oz of water daily

I breathe deeply

I know how to manage stress

I get a sufficient amount of rest



Enter totals in the SCORECARD



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