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Recreational Activities

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Arts: Dancing (ballet, modern, jazz, ballroom, square, line, salsa); acting/dramatics; painting/drawing; singing; playing musical instrument; photography; writing

Crafts: Ceramics; sewing; carpentry; woodworkind; carving; cartooning; origami; leather working; metalwork, needlework; quilting; jewelry making; weaving; flower arranging or pressing; soapmaking; candlemaking; calligraphy; stained glass

Hobbies: Auto racing; cooking, baking; collecting (stamps, coins, etc.); amateur radio; pets; model rocket; model railroad

Cultural/educational: Visiting museums/arts-and-crafts exhibits; taking lessons in something unfamiliar; taking college courses; attending lectures (not college); viewing documentary films

Exercise: Aerobics; calisthenics; jazzercise; jumping rope; jogging/running; weight lifting; yoga

Games: Chess, checkers, backgammon, and other board games; computer games; jigsaw puzzles; word puzzles; card games; billiards or pool; darts

Indoor activities: Reading newspapers/magazines; reading books (fiction/nonfiction); reading plays or poetry; browsing in library; listening to music; listening to radio; television viewing

Outdoor activities: Walking (city walks. nature walks); hiking; mountain climbing; camping; horseback riding; bicycling; motorcycling; gardening; kite flying; sunbathing; going to the beach

Social: Visiting (family or friends. by phone or In person); partying; entertaining; dining out; going to night clubs; social dancing; attending small social gatherings (dinner parties); attending large social functions (balls. benefit programs); exchanging Ideas with others

Spectator: Viewing wrestling/boxing/tennis matches; whale watching; birdwatching; watching sunrise/sunset: window shopping; attending ball games

Sports (competitive): Volleyball; football; basketball; baseball/softball; soccer; hockey; tennis; badminton; table tennis; golf; raquetball; squash, handball; judo/karate; bowling

Sports (water): Swimming; snorkeling; water skiing; jetsking, surfing (body/board); windsurfing; scuba diving; Inner-tube floating; sailing; kayaking; windsurfing; canoeing; boat drag racing; motorboating; fishing

Sports (other): Skiing; bobsledding; Ice skating; Ice hockey; ice dancing; roller skating; hang gilding; sport parachuting; sky diving; hunting; flying/gliding; curling; gymnastics

Travel: Touring (organized or individual); sightseeing; exploring; freighter trips; steamboat cruises; raft trips; going for a drive (city/country)   

Miscellaneous: Gambling; playing the stock market; business/professional organizations; charitable organizations; social/cultural organizations; human-growth groups; political activities; attending conferences/conventions


-list from “The Superwoman Syndrome” by Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz

see also Quality Leisure   

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