Whole Life Fitness

Whole Life Fitness is personal development for busy people. It's a fun and simple way to develop strengths in all dimensions. It follows the 12 topics from a Year of Personal Growth at the Daily PlanIt website, and adds videos, hands on activities, and discussions of ideas from personal development experts.

The 12 topics are: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Relationships, Social, Financial, Organizational, Recreational, Career, Character, Purpose.

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Whole Life Fitness - Personal Development for Busy People
Personal Development Playlist at Youtube



       Bring: Fav productivity tool or app

       Watch: Brian Tracy on Goals (4:06) David Allen (2:23)

       Activity; Choosing Goals

       Book: “Goals” by Brian Tracy, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen

       Takeaway: goal chart



       Bring: fav inspirational song

       Watch: Introductory Video to the Four Agreements (3:42) or Tour of the Universe (6:30)

       Activity: listen to inspirational music, practice meditation, examine beliefs

       Book: “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

       Takeaway: gratitude journal



       Bring: fav. healthy recipe

       Watch: Videos at eatright.org, or WebMD Video on breathing (2:31)

       Activity: Make a bead counter for deep breathing reminder or a water bottle marked with time

       Book: Reviews at eatright.org

       Takeaway: Track Diet & Exercise (pdf) from shapeup.org


       Bring: fav quote

       Watch: Experts in Emotion Yale, Emotional Awareness video at helpguide.org (2:39) This emotional life pbs

       Activity: Learn about REBT, Take an Emotional Intelligence Quiz

       Book: “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman | Discussion Guide

       Takeaway: feelings chart, REBT self help form



       Bring: fav romantic movie/song

       Watch: Gary Chapman on Oprah's Life Class

       Activity: learn your love language

       Book: “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, Discussion Guide

                 Takeaway: Jar-o-love



       Bring: A business card

       Watch: Open to Networking, (3:34)

       Activity: practice communication skills, develop self-esteem

       Book: “Messages” by Matthew McKay

       Takeaway: Conversation Bingo (pdf) networking game (pdf)



       Bring: fav tips for energy

       Watch: I Believe in You (3:12) Listen: Energy Bus (35 min)

       Activity: find your ideal recreation

       Book: “Energy Addict” by Jon Gordon

       Takeaway: screen time log



       Bring: a financial goal

       Watch: Your Life, Your Money at pbs

       Activity: Play the Rich Dad Poor Dad game, or pbs game

       Book: “A Year to an Organized Financial Life” by ReginaLeeds

       Takeaway: wallet card w/Questions to ask before buying,





       Bring: Information on Resume printable form (pdf)

       Watch: Michael Hyatt on Elevator Pitch

       Activity: Practice career skills, Discover career choices, Develop personal brand

       Book: “What Color is Your Parachute?” by Richard Bolles

       Takeaway: SWOT form


       Bring: fav Household Notebook form

       Watch: Getting Organized on Youtube, Home Organizing Videos by Alejandra

       Activity: share menu planning tips, fav tips for household notebook

       Book: “Organizing Sourcebook” by Kathy Waddill | Discussion Guide

       Takeaway: menu planning form, Low carb shopping list



       Bring: name of fav person w/character

       Watch: Brene Brown TED Talk (20:19)

       Activity: Virtues Quiz at PBS

       Brene Brown | Book: “Daring Greatly” | Discussion Guide

       Ben Franklin’s Virtues | Discussion Guide

                 Takeaway: Ben Franklin’s Virtue Chart (pdf)


Change Toolkit at the Daily PlanIt



Whole Life Fitness Discussion Questions (doc)

(Based on Business Book Discussion Questions (pdf), a compilation of general discussion questions that can be applied to any business book from Waukesha County Federated Library System, created by Laurie Freund) 

Tools for Book Discussion Groups from ALA

Resources for Reading Groups http://librarybooklists.org/readinggroups/index.htm


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