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Skills are abilities that can be learned, and like the blades on a swiss army knife, the more you have the better. Many free tools to identify skills are available at websites dedicated to the career search process.


Understand the Types of Skills

  1. Job Skills are specific to an occupation, like filing or writing a report.
  2. Transferable skills are general work skills like the ability to use a computer program or attention to detail.
  3. Self management skills are personal qualities like being analytical or reliable.
  • Berea College Identify Your Skills (Transferable)| For Students : Center for Transformative Learning - Berea College
  • Job Skills List | Managing-Change.net | http://www.managing-change.net/job-skills-list.html
  • Purdue OWL: Job Skills Checklist (Purdue)


    Choose one of the Skills Assessments:


    Look at the interactive module at Careers New Zealand to help you think of skills you've learned at work or through other experience.


    More Resources:



    Skills Center



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